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Jenyne Butterfly

2017 Michael Jackson: Featured aerialist and choreographer in "Blood on the Dance Floor"
2012-2017 Michael Jackson ONE: Cirque du Soleil solo artist as Dirty Diana

2017-present Aerial Athletica: weekly pole ftness classes

2009-2012 world tour: traveled the globe to more than 45 countries as a master instructor/innovator of pole art


Grace in Transitions

From one move to another shouldn't be rushed unless intended dynamic. It should be acknowledged as a move all on it's own. Slow down, flow it up. Change speeds, maintain control. We focus on thinking patterns of the mind and allowing ourselves to be present in our movement. You will learn new ways in and out of old moves and the importance of balancing your transition moves to allow freedom in your flow.

Smooth, Slow, Sexy

From floor work to the low pole, we cover all the flowy fundamentals. Learn a routine with creative movement that accentuates your femininity. Let your hair down, be playful and sensual at the same time. We will focus on ways to alter things to fit your body and style while engaging what feels natural. Let go and move. Feel the music.


Learn a routine created by Jenyne, just for you. This applies on any aerial apparatus. Then in the class we will add our own uniqueness to the moves and blend with moves you already know. The focus is to create new ways of holding and transitioning. Try to draw attention away from the prep work and highlight the important skills while putting character on display.

Professionally Polished 

This workshop is intended to focus on all the ways to perfect your movement. Feet, lines, hands, and everything in between. We will learn to condition and stretch to invert, transition, and create a combination with musicality. This class is designed with an emphasis on what judges are looking for of how to take your performance to professional. Hold on tight and fly higher!

Heidi Coker

2018 IPC Ultimate Winner
2015 Australian Pole Fitness Champion 
2013 Pole Art Champion: Helsinki, Finland

Interesting Combo’s
Dare to try something new? Starting with some of my favorite tricks, we will then create some fun combo series. Learn new ways into and out of new and old moves. This is a great workshop for tricksters and people looking for some new moves. This is the beginning of you stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself to discover your own creative thinking!

In this workshop, let me guide you through an experience with free dance. We will focus on
creating a “feel” for the music using character development, playing with musicality in a variety of music, and specific challenges getting you to think outside the pole! We will also take a look at different moves on the pole and tweak them to make them your “own”. Our main focus in getting “YOU” to be the dancer that you have inside... not just what you see on YouTube!

Pole Conditioning & Injury Prevention
Work smarter not harder! Our main interest will be small muscle development for greater shoulder stability and injury prevention. We will also look at strengthening our cores and upper body as a whole. Technique can make a big difference in injury prevention and increasing stamina, we will discuss many ways to execute pole tricks more efficiently.

Pole’tastic Gymnastics
As a forever gymnast I love to incorporate gymnastic and acro moves on and off the pole. When I look at pole, I see handstands and cartwheels everywhere! In this class I will show you technique to
strengthen moves that use handstands and cartwheels on the floor and pole, and introduce you to
other acro inspired moves. Adding acro elements both off and on the pole can add a new dimension to your pole practice. And they are a great way to build body awareness that can help you in every aspect
of pole.



Yvonne Smink

2018 Pole Theatre Champion ART

2016 Pole Theatre Over all Champion Paris

Dutch Pole Champion

Learn to spin into some fun new combos on the pole! In this workshop Yvonne will teach you how to properly execute some badass spins on a static pole, make fluid transition in and out of tricks and ultimately combine it all while still keeping your smile up.

What is more fun than spins that start from the pole? Learn how to create flows without touching
the floor in this inspiring workshop.

In the workshop ‘Pole & Floor Creations’ we discover spins, tricks and handstands in the always
interesting space between the pole and the floor.

This is not your ordinary choreo, it’s choreo Yvonne style! Be prepared for sweat, because there
will be lots of tricks and power moves in this piece!

Steven Retchless

2016 Pole Theatre Worlds Overall Champion

2015 Pole Theatre USA Overall Champion

Season 6 America's Got Talent Semifinalist 

2013 IPC "ART" Champion

Femme Pole

Signature Retchless Master Class is your classic “stripper style” movement with a music video twist. Fun for all levels this class will have you performing from beginning to end. Sensual, Feline, Sexy, Spins, Dips, Floor Work and more!!! Highly recommended.  

Pole Art

Pole from a classically trained dancer's perspective. Focus on fluidity, musicality, floor work, transitions and partnering with your pole. Basic spins and floor work are broken down and later incorporated into a combo. Elegant movement and rotations on static pole can be found in this class.

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