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Jalisco, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is truly a world class tourist destination, named “Friendliest City” by Conde Nast in 2001, “Best place in the world to retire” by AARP (North American Association of Retired Persons), “Best Vacation Destination in Mexico” by in 2010, “Most Romantic Place in Mexico” and “Favorite Beach Destination in Mexico” by in 2012, “Top 10 Destinations in Mexico” by TripAdvisor in 2015.

Just as trees blossom in fertile soil, so does art; walking along the Malecon, taking in the magnificent sculptures, liberates the spirit and speaks to us of civilization. You will encounter an art gallery on almost every block where you can see original paintings and sculptures.  Along with art, this Bay also vibrates with music and dance; jazz, blues, flamenco dance, Mexican folkloric music and dance.  The spirit soars in Puerto Vallarta.

Discover a destination with relaxing beaches, world class restaurants, and the latest in ecotourism adventures, all within an international setting well known for its charm and hospitality, surrounded by mountains, rivers, beaches and the emerald green waves of the Pacific Ocean. Stroll along the remodeled Malecon (boardwalk), in the historic center along the edge of the sea, where you can enjoy numerous cafes, nightclubs, outdoor sculptures and admire spectacular sunsets.

Vallarta has become a receptive and warm place with a marvelous diversity of people, thanks in part to artistic life and foreigners, who have made this town their home.

Las Animas
Male con

If food is an important factor for you as you choose a tourist destination, you wouldn’t find a more pleasant location to visit than Puerto Vallarta, thanks to its wide range of magnificent culinary dining experiences. Perhaps you prefer simple food, in that case, the town is filled with outdoor cafes, and small family style restaurants, on the other hand, if you prefer something more sophisticated, there are many award-winning restaurants that serve delicious gourmet dishes.


Puerto Vallarta is located in the central time zone (UTC-6), it’s in the same zone as the center of Mexico and Mexico City.


Mexico: +52; Puerto Vallarta: 322. For calls to the United States and Canada first dial 001 + area code + phone number.


Mexico’s official language is Spanish, however, many people speak and understand English in Puerto Vallarta. You will find fluent English and sometimes French spoken in hotels, restaurants and tourist areas.


The “peso” (MXN) is the national currency, although US dollar (USD) is widely accepted. Credit Cards are welcome in some establishments. Hotels, currency exchange places and banks offer money exchange. Banks open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The recommended range for tipping is between 10 and 15 percent of the total bill. Sometimes the tip is included so be sure to check your bill.


The tourist police is always available to offer advice and assistance. There are also 40 security cameras installed around the city.


All restaurants and hotels offer and use purified water. It is important to point out that the Water System has been certified year after year for almost twenty years.


There are direct flights to key cities in North America including: Atlanta, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Phoenix, Los Ángeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Charlotte, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, among others. 
Km. 7.5 Carretera a Tepic 
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 
Zip code: 48311 
+52 (322) 221-12-98, 221-13-25, 221-15-37

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