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Rules and Regulations


1. Entry is open to anyone aged over 18 years. 

2. Entry is open to national and international competitors.



Applicants will be selected based on two elements:

  1. the entrant’s description of their proposed Pole Pageant performance; and

  2. A video entry of a previous performance, either a live performance or based on the competitors intended Pole Pageant performance description. Video entries will be judged on pole skill and performance ability.


It is not compulsory for the video submitted to be of the entrant’s intended performance, but be aware that it will assist the judges to understand the entrant’s vision if it is.

Props, Costumes, etc

1. Performers are permitted to use any props, sets, costuming, additional performers, sound effects, performance apparatus or footwear, provided that:
a ) the space allows for it physically;
b) it can be easily transported on a plane; and
c) It can be set up and completely removed in under 2 minutes.

2. Any use of the above items should be described in the applicant's


Terms & Conditions of entry
Please note that further terms, conditions and rules will apply and may vary from country to country. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  


Competitors and performance

  1. Competitors must arrive at the venue at their allocated time on the day for rehearsals. 

  2. Competitors must ensure they have warmed up and stretched properly prior to performing. 

  3. Competitors must not consume alcohol or any prohibited substance prior to performing. 

  4. Performances must be between 3.5 and 4.5 min long.

  5. Any significant changes to the performance as described in the application stage are not permitted without Organiser approval. Competitors MUST ADVISE the Organiser if there will be a clean up required after their performance, and must gain Organiser approval.

Waiver of liability

  1. The competitors acknowledge and accept that Pole Pageant Organiser and its owners and staff (the Organisers) their directors, instructors, employees, agents, landlords, leases or franchises (“Related Parties”) and Pole Pageant venue and its owners and staff (Venue) their directors, instructors, employees, agents, landlords, leases or franchisees (“Venue Related Parties”) are not responsible for injury or damage resulting from participation in the competition, including the competitors’ arrival and departure from the competition. 

  2. The competitors acknowledge that pole dance is a dangerous activity and as such the competitors voluntarily accept the risks associated in participating in the competition. 

  3. The competitors waive to the fullest extent permitted by law all legal rights of action against and fully releases the Venue and Venue Related Parties and the Organisers and Related Parties for the loss, damages, or injury howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by the competitors in the activities conducted or organised by the Organisers and Related Parties including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty,breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of the Organisers or Related Parties. 



  1. Competitors are aware that they may be photographed or videoed during their performance. 

  2. The competitor acknowledges that photos or video may be published by the Organisers. 

  3. The competitor releases all rights or claims over any photos or videos, and acknowledges that such material is the property of and can be used by the Organisers for promotional or other uses, without compensation to the competitor.

  4. Competitors may film their own performances and are free to use them as they see fit. 


Please read these guidelines carefully - your video entry MUST comply with these guidelines or it will not be judged


* Videos must be 2 -3 minutes in length. Longer videos will not be watched beyond 3 minutes.

* Video entries will be judged on presentation, pole skill and performance ability.

* Videos MUST be on YouTube or Vimeo. Downloadable files are not allowed. Videos may be on unlisted setting in youtube, but not private.

* The title of the video on YouTube must say that it is a Pole Pageant entry, and must have the entrant's name in the title, e.g. Steven Retchless's entry, Pole Pageant 2019.

* The description of the video on YouTube or Vimeo must contain the entrant's proposed 
performance description (so that the judges can easily refer to it while watching).


* Videos must not be edited in any way and must be filmed in one single take (i.e. no splicing together of different clips).


* Videos must be of good quality with sufficient lighting.

* Only one video will be viewed per entrant. Entrants cannot submit multiple videos.

* The video must show only the entrant performing. It is not acceptable to submit a group performance and ask the judges to identify the entrant in the group. Human props are allowed to be in the video if they are being used as human props.

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