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Mother Love

Being in the Dance/Pole world women have always been my friend. I've always had a high respect for them and even from an early age I've idolized them, Bette Middler and Nomie Malone in particular. I remember in the 6th grade I expressed that my mom is my hero and the other kids laughed at me. They shamed me because in our society boys can't look up to females. Well, as a grown ass man I can now fully express that this is complete and utter BULLSH*T and I am outraged by the notion. Where the fu*k do you think you came from? Who loved you unconditionally for 9 months and then birthed you into existence? What planet has been providing you with nourishment, fresh air, beauty and unconditional love from the beginning?

Women and Mothers should be held at the top of the totem pole with the outmost respect and worship. I was born into this backwards societal mentality but I will do everything I can to confront misogyny and it's disrespect for nature, mother Earth. SHE holds the power and without HER we are nothing. I'm proud to be a man and now more than ever embrace my masculinity by speaking these truths. For all the pricks out there who take advantage, be a real MAN and respect WOMAN. Although women are incredible warriors they shouldn't have to fight for their place in society. We as men hold that responsibility to fight their oppressors and protect whats sacred. Men, stand tall in honoring the bearers of LIFE, be in awe of their splendor, learn to love. I love you women and I'm rooting for you all the way because I know your gift is so rewarding. I feel a natural instinct to protect your sacred place in this being. Let us move into an era where we embrace your POWER <3 mother = love = everything = ONE #wakeup

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