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You gotta Feel it!

In class I can teach you to "look good" BUT if there's ONE thing you take away from my instruction it's that I want you to "feel good." If you're truly pole dancing for yourself, who the hell cares what you look like!? none of that superficial bull sh*t matters. In Femme Pole I often encourage my students first and foremost to breath (be present) but to also moan. That's right Mooooaaaaannnnn, Grunt and Growl. I find that breath and vocalization congers up the feelings. Baby, if you can't feel sexy how then can you move sexy? Make love to yourself and please DO look at yourself in the mirror. Look at that fine and incredible body expressing it's self. You ARE beautiful. I also encourage students to touch themselves. It's your body damn it, your allowed to touch it, own it and show it!!! OOoooohhhhh yeas!!! I don't teach Pole Fitness I teach 1. You're worthy and capable of receiving love 2. You can love the FU#K outta yourself, unapologetically 3. To FEEL, Enjoy the pleasure it is to be you honey #love #love #love it's everywhere, just open your heart to it aaaahhhhh yeesssss oooooooo ugh huh ya baby that's right, get it!!!!!!! UFFff

Photo by Gilbert Beltran

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