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October 14-21 2017

How many hours of workshops are pole? 


Private instruction is available from the Retreat Leaders.

How many are non-pole workshops?


What are the various workshops like/do you have any workshop descriptions?

Workshops are designed to Open and Train the Body and Soul.  Each Instructor brings a different flavor to provide a variety of Class Content.

Along with the Retreat Leaders signature Pole Instruction they will also provide something unique for ONE (to be released in time).  For Example Steven Plans to dance in the sand and water with "Mermaid Splash"

How long is each workshop?

What excursions are included, if any?

LAS ANIMAS Boat/Snorkeling/Beach Cruise 

Each day ONE provides suggested activities.  

Flea Market, Boardwalk Tour, Old Town, Special Beaches are example of available but completely optional activities.  

ONE will also have daily Lunch and Dinner suggestions.  

Do we have to sign up for any workshops? Or is everything included?

12workshops with Retreat Leaders are all included.

Private Instruction may be Purchased from Retreat Leaders.

Local Instruction may be purchased and signed up for at the event.  Ex. Zumba, Salsa, Ballet Barre etc... 
Do we have to sign up for daily excursions?

Daily Excursions are Optional and can be signed up for the day prior.

How do you put in your roommate request?

Simply have both parties state in writing their requested roommate to our email.  We will make note for Hotel check-in.
Is there food available for various dietary restrictions? Dairy allergy, gluten allergy, etc

Yes, apart from Puerto Vallarta having excellent cuisine we are conveniently located to a grocery store and restaurants.  A full-size fridge is equipped in your hotel room. 
How much does the Las Animas Boat Excursion cost?

$60 USD in advance via website $75 at the dock.

That includes, Fruit Snacks, Open Bar, Ocean Snorkeling (Los Arcos) and Private Beach frolicking (Las Animas). 

Does the pole studio space have shade/enclosed or is it all outdoors?

There are 3 spaces for Class.

Our BeachFront Pole Studio is Inside, equipped with A/C. 

Open Air Studio with Shade (stretch class/yoga/dance)  

The Sand and Beach will be utilized and sunscreen will be recommended.  

Umbrellas and Lounge Chairs are always available.  
Do we have free time each day? If so, how much?

6-7 hours free time to enjoy the beach, take privates, explore, enjoy excursions or relax in your room.
Do you offer any arranged transportation to/from the airport?

We do not provide transportation.  Hotel address and Airport information can be found on our website.

What time of day does the pole retreat start/end - when should plan for flights to arrive/depart?

Arrive Morning or Afternoon OCT 21th 2017 

OCT We will provide a Welcome Ceremony and Dinner at 6:30/7pm

Depart OCT 28 2017 Hotel Check Out 11am 

Are there any special hotel discounts if we want to stay an extra night before or after?

At this time we do not offer a hotel discount.

Any additional Hotel Accommodation before or after the Retreat is at the guest's own discretion.

Are any meals included with the reservation?

Yes, 4Breakfast and 2Dinners 

Will there be a photographer/photo shoots?

Yes, Native Mexican Pole Photographer Marco Mendez.
Do both groups get equal time with instructors/get to take at least 1 class with each instructor?

Yes of course.  Every student will get plenty of time with every instructor.
Is there time in between sessions to shower? For example, if we have one session out on the beach and put a ton of sunscreen on and have a pole session after, will there be time to rinse off so we don't have to worry about grip? (I ask this because I unfortunately have super fair skin so always have to put on loads on sunblock! :))

We understand the fair skin struggle.  The Beach/Sun/Sand workshops will be held after pole to avoid that problem.  Also the beach club has an outdoor shower to rinse off with.
Are there additional fees for all the optional excursions?

At the moment no.  If we design an excursion with fees we will let you know.  As of now the only excursion with a fee is the Boat Excursion.
If we do have dietary restrictions, should we include them in the email we send with roommate preferences so the hotel is aware?

The included breakfasts are simple with eegs, bread, fruit, oatmeal and coffee and the dinner will have a Fish or Meat.  These complimentary meals are provided by Mango's Beach Club and Pole Studio, not the hotel and do not come with modifications.  Because it's nearly impossible to accommodate everyones unique diet, meals are the responsibility of the guest.  There is a grocery store directly behind the venue and a fridge in your room along with many diverse restaurants in close proximity.  

Are the groups divided by pole level? Or are each mixed level? Just curious as I didn't see a slot on the registration form to indicate level. 

All classes are OPEN level.  Our Professional instructors can accommodate any level with modifications.  

Will we get a full event agenda before the event? I know it is still really early but just wondering if this should be expected via email before we arrive or if they are given out the first night.

A Detailed schedule of Events will be available at the Retreat. Including Workshops, Activities , Excursions and Dinning Suggestions.  A more broad version will be available on our website soon. 
Can we buy photoshoot packages when we arrive? Or do we need to do this pre-arrival?

Its recommended to Purchase and Secure your Time Slot for a photoshoot in advance.  

There are limited Sunset Time Slots available.  A link will be provided for you to make a reservation once you've made an initial deposit or paid in full.

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Be ONE with nature, the community and yourself.  Join us on a week long Pole Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
-The Ultimate Pole Vacation 2017

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